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[Election 2008] The results are in!

Göran Krampe
Hi all Squeakers!

Ok, the Squeak Foundation Board Election 2008 ended 19 minutes ago -
promptly at 18.00 UTC, 8 March.

For this year we had 437 authorized voters of which 178 voted, that is
slightly more than 40% voting - a bit disappointing IMHO since we had
157 voting of 347 last year which gives above 45%.
On the other hand 178 is more than 157, so we had more voters and thus a
growing community, which of course is the most important aspect!

And without further ado I bring you the board for the following year
starting from NOW. The order reflects the ranking from the election:

1. Dan Ingalls
2. Craig Latta
3. Bert Freudenberg
4. Yoshiki Ohshima
5. Tim Rowledge
6. Randal L. Schwartz
7. Igor Stasenko

And thus the candidates left out are the following (also in ranked

8. Giovanni Corriga
9. Edgar J. De Cleene
10. Andrew P. Black
11. Matthew Fulmer
12. Tansel Ersavas

For excrutiating details see:


This also means that we say THANK YOU to Andrew Black, Cees de Groot and
Stéphane Ducasse for having served on the board the previous year.
Thanks guys!

And we also say welcome Dan, Randal and Igor to the board!

And thank YOU for voting and all the best to the new board! Viva la

regards, Göran Krampe

PS. And to you guys that didn't get on the board - hey, we all know that
the REAL WORK is done in the teams, right? :)
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