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David Faught

I'm looking for somewhat more specific direction on how to go about
building a Tweak world to be a Croquet embeddable app.  I don't mind
giving this a shot; I do have an idea how whiney it must sound to have
the public Croquet community continually asking Qwaq to give away
their work product.  But I feel like I'm just flailing about and
stumbling across some combinations that happen to work better than
others, without a clue of the "right way."

Here's what I am trying to accomplish.  There are at least a couple of
different possibilities, such as a relatively light-weight app
specifically for a UI element (e.g. a yes/no confirmation or file
list), or a full-blown Tweak world with menus, tools, and UI elements
all available.  I am aiming at the latter, although I realize there
are additional complications when it comes to class browsers or
anything else that modifies code.  Maybe I don't know what I am
getting into.  Wait, didn't I just say that?  Anyway ...

My first attempt was just to build a CTweakWorld (when I name a class
here, assume I mean a customized subclass of that class) with its
display being the TEmbeddableApp form, and then open a CPainter
directly in the world.  This yielded the screenshot that I sent to the
list last week.  The CPainter was not laid out properly.

Then, looking at some of the UMN Croquet UI examples, I added in a
CProjectBuilder in the CTweakWorld and had it open the CPainter.
After some flailing about, that yielded the attached screenshot.
Close, but no kewpie doll.  With this approach, I have to build
methods in the CProjectBuilder to open the tools that I want to be
able to specify when the CTweakWorld is built, but that's not a big
deal at this point.

I also looked at the COpenGLPanel example that Andreas Raab posted a
while back, which opens a Tweak CPanel fairly directly from Morphic.
It appears to build a Tweak island, and then tie the projectBuilder
and world into the island.  Do I need that?  What would it do for me?
Am I stepping in a tangle of Tweak island versus Croquet island that
might best be avoided for now?  Are there other fundamental Tweak
parts should I be looking to add?

I think that there are a pretty limited number of people that really
understand the details of how a Tweak world should open up, so I'm not
going to be surprised if I don't get much of an answer to this note.
But I like to get some positive reinforcement once in a while beyond
the "wonderment of discovery," mainly because my Croquet time is quite
limited too.  Or maybe I've just tried to rationalize my whining.

Thanks for any help you can offer.


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