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Eliot Miranda avatarEliot Miranda

CogVM source as per VMMaker.oscog-eem.2705

Add support for a substitute SPReg to cope with the ARMv8's typical 16-byte
stack pointer alignment requirement. Implement NativePopR:& NativePushR:.
Fix compilation warnings for cStack/FramePointerAddress access. Fix
nextProfileTickAddress for 64-bit simulation. Write stackLimitAddress &
vmOwnerLockAddress in the modern style. Move genLoadStackPointers from Cogit
to CogAbstractInstruction where it lives with the other stack load/store
generartors, allowing ARMv8 to easily override to use ldp/stp as desired.

- add NativePopR NativePushR NativeRetN abstract instructions (so far only
NativeRetN needs to be implemented; see ceCaptureCStackPointers)
- add ABICalleeSavedRegisterMask & ABICallerSavedRegisterMask to
- Add ABIResultReg and ABIResultRegHigh and nuke the cResultRegister accessor.
- Rename genGetLeafCallStackPointer to genGetLeafCallStackPointers, and have
ceGetSP answer the native stack pointer.

Add support for cache flushing in the dual mapped regime, hence rename
maybeGenerateICacheFlush to maybeGenerateCacheFlush.

Sort variables by size so that they occupy a little less space.
reenterInterpreter does *not* need to be exported.
Nuke unused Cogit Lowcode vars when not generating a LowcodeVM.

FFI Plugins:
Let X64 SysV FFI handle passing/returning union

This can be tricky because we can have union in struct, struct in union etc...
So we must correctly peel the union.

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