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Nicolas Cellier avatarNicolas Cellier

Workaround a Squeak3D crash

After proper instrumentation, it appears that a reproducible crash case provided by Stephane Rollandin is due to attempt of removing a face which is not in the fillList.
This happens in the special case when `leftEdge == lastIntersection`, and the code attempts to remove `leftEdge->rightFace` which seem to not always be on the fillList.
It's not obvious to understand if this is really an invariant of the loop, or a wrong expectation.
Thus, as a workaround, protect the removal by a preliminary inclusion test.

Note that removing or adding a face should change its `B3D_FACE_ACTIVE` flags.
Normally, we remove then add, so do not have to toggle the flag.
But if we do not remove, then we must toggle, otherwise another invariant will break and cause crash in `b3dToggleTopFills`.

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