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Etoys Club Update

Jeremy L.
Hey, been working on consolidating a lot of demos I've been building the past 6 months into the final presentation. I had already built a 'framework' to put them in, but found out that I should build from the middle outward rather than the outward in, when it comes to presentation aspects and having something that's lean and loads/saves quickly (before I completely restarted what you see this afternoon, it took about 45 minutes to save a 12 MB file and reload to edit again...if you'r elike me and worried something could crash at any moment and save frequently as a result, this is no good!)...

This also allowed me to really get to brass tacks about how to organize and set the feel of the project (which, if anyone is familiar with PC98 games, this stuff might feel familiar as that's how this project is largely being treated to really 'show off' what Etoys is good at rather than reminding people it can't make God of War III).  

Here's a couple of screenshots to check out or you can just grab the project that works on vanilla etoys 5.  There's about 4 or 5 more demos to include and the first page will actually be the 'game' you use to explore the demos in a zelda-like map and RPG-like character interactions (there's a reason this format was chosen: the story is about a computer user who goes 'back to low-fidelia', fed up with modern computer normacy, such as DLC, data tracking, etc...they remember the castle in low-fidelia being super cool but for some reason the castle is locked, and so they go look for answers to get into it, but end up finding locals don't care or don't even notice the castle is closed because they're all super into doing cool stuff with Etoys...then in the final revelation, the 'game' kicks the 'player' back out to the default etoys home screen, except the car talks directly to the player, telling them the castle was always unlocked; you just had to right click it to explore it and that really, etoys is their castle and kingdom and world to build in any way they see fit and that the denizens of lowfidelia didn't care about the castle because they were busy making their own; the blacksmith makes tools because that's his thing he likes doing, the magician was interested in strange graphical tricks, and that there was no one making games because there's more to computing than games once you start taking control of them, etc. etc.)

So that's the direction that's solidifying and things are coming together quite fast now that I've experienced (hopefully) most of the roadblocks of doing a larger scale project in Etoys. It's been quite a learning experience and despite some of the setbacks, Etoys does let you rebound and salvage things very quickly...again, everything you see was literally built today in about 8 hours, which included 'fixing' literally every script that came into it (for some reason Etoys wouldn't always properly duplicate relationships when a Playfield with variety of things into this project via dropping it into a project thumbnail), and the main screen graphics, formatting of the previously made demos is included in that time.  I thought it would be days to get this far starting over, but nope...just a couple of hours.  It taught me that at any point in time, whatever I'm working on should be considered a 'sketch' of the final product until I decide it works right; just like drawing, a good piece has a lot of 'crumpled paper' you normally don't see, all of the things tried before settling on the final picture; Etoys definitely works this way at least for me.

Anyway, here's screenshots and the project for people who like them.

Thanks for checking it out and comments/ critique/issues welcome. 

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