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Etoys Inbox: Sugar-tfel.27.mcz

Tim Felgentreff uploaded a new version of Sugar to project Etoys Inbox:

==================== Summary ====================

Name: Sugar-tfel.27
Author: tfel
Time: 28 July 2016, 12:05:15.085881 pm
UUID: 75965e76-103a-2441-a650-c45a488a1b02
Ancestors: Sugar-kfr.26

container is a rectangle

=============== Diff against Sugar-kfr.26 ===============

Item was changed:
  ----- Method: SolidSugarSuppliesTab>>positionObject:atEdgeOf: (in category 'mechanics') -----
  positionObject: anObject atEdgeOf: container
  "Position an object -- either the receiver or its referent -- on the edge of the container."
  | extra |
  extra _ (sugarNavTab notNil and: [referent isInWorld])
  [sugarNavTab height]
  edgeToAdhereTo == #top ifTrue:
+ [^ anObject top: container top + extra].
- [^ anObject top: container innerBounds top + extra].
  anObject == self
  ifFalse:   "the parts bin"
+ [anObject bottom: (container bottom - extra)]
- [anObject bottom: (container innerBounds bottom - extra)]
  ifTrue:  "the tab"
+ [anObject bottom: (container bottom - (self referentThickness + extra))] !
- [anObject bottom: (container innerBounds bottom - (self referentThickness + extra))] !

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