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Exupery Update

Bryce Kampjes

Debugging continues, I've a very debuggable test now for the
current bug. I'll try to hold off releasing until the background
compiler can run for at least an hour however it's already much
more reliable than any previous release. The problem is the quality
bar has just gone up so old bugs are showing up.

In some ways it would be sensible to release after the next bug
is fixed regardless of how long the background compiler runs for
as reliability has risen so much in this release already.

It would be nice to release with the background compiler working well
enough for people to play with it. Having a background compiler is a
major milestone, it means that Exupery can be used for projects with
very little user involvement. It would be a shame to release one bug
before getting to tolerable reliability with the background compiler.

I'll probably decide based on how hard it is to capture the next bug
after this one is fixed whether to release. It is possible that the
current bug is the last one that needs to be fixed to get it running
for at least an hour.

Progress will be slow until after ESUG as I've got two talks to write.

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