Exupery update preparing for the 0.14 release

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Exupery update preparing for the 0.14 release

Bryce Kampjes

The Exupery 0.14 release is in final testing now. The major
improvement is to register allocator performance. The register
allocator should also produce slightly better code due to the
changes. There's also now support for cascades, the last major missing
language feature.

The main gain in this release is register allocation is much faster on
large methods. Now it takes about 50% of the compilation time for all
methods, it used to take almost all the time for large methods. This
means compilation time is now roughly linear with method size.

The major improvements for 0.14 were done by mid April. The release
has been delayed due to upgrading to 3.10. Exupery's testing uncovered
two bugs in 3.10 and four tests were failing due to changes in the
base image.

Two tests have been deleted as they were trying to compile methods
that have been removed. Those methods were involved in bugs found by
the stress test. There should be unit tests that cover any changes to
the compiler required to fix them.

Two tests were failing because of cascades. Cascades have been added
so they pass again. The other option was to either delete the tests or
release with failing tests on 3.10.

All that's left to do before releasing is run the stress test again
and do some Seaside development with Exupery running. Both were done
successfully before upgrading to the latest squeak-dev 3.10 images.

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