F.A.S.T. & Instantiations Presentations Now Available Online...

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F.A.S.T. & Instantiations Presentations Now Available Online...

Seth Berman
Hello VAST Community,

Earlier this year, F.A.S.T. invited us to speak to their community about what Instantiations is doing from a business, marketing, and technical perspective. The event, Constant Refinement and Continuing Progress at Instantiations, took place on May 20, 2021.

Presentation YouTube Links:

Advancement & Expansion with Smalltalk as a Foundation
Speaker: Seth Berman, President & CEO at Instantiations

Realigning a Brand to Improve Marketing
Speaker: Greg Schultz, Marketing & Creative Director at Instantiations

VAST Platform Technology Demo: 2021 and Beyond
Speaker: Mariano Martinez Peck, Senior Software Engineer at Instantiations

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