F'up: [squeak-dev] Obsoletes...

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F'up: [squeak-dev] Obsoletes...

Tobias Pape
Dear Frank, Levente

Begin forwarded message:

> From: Tobias Pape <[hidden email]>
> Subject: Re: [squeak-dev] Obsoletes...
> Date: 29. Dezember 2013 17:28:25 MEZ
[…my gibberish and code…[

> SystemNavigation default obsoleteBehaviors size. " 0"
> Yay!
> I attached a better Script to handle this and on the way created the
> name uncle class :P
> Shall I make a System revision with post script?
> Best
> -Tobias
[attached script]
Do you care me adding this script to Systems postscript just to make
the CI-Trunk image happy? It has no bad side effects :D


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