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Hi Monty,

in April 2018, you shared your work on external shared pools for review:

In the meantime, your packages FFI-Pools-monty.12 and FFI-PoolsTests-monty.5 found their way to source.squeak.org/FFI after resting a while in source.squeak.org/FFIinbox.

Is there more documentation or history on how this came to be?

I see a lot of machinery in there: pool definitions, resolvers, pool platform abstraction, a program generator ... especially that FFIExternalSharedPoolPlatform looks like it addresses similar issues Nicolas recently talked about when he mentioned 64-bit differences among platforms: http://forum.world.st/Re-squeak-dev-64-bit-FFI-was-porting-Croquet-to-Squeak6-0-alpha-td5113318.html