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FW: News Team Report Jan 2008

Ron Teitelbaum
Ooops forgot to send this to the news list.


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Subject: News Team Report Jan 2008

Hello all and welcome to Leap Month,

This is your News Team report for January 2008

We had 15,645 hits in Jan.  This is half what we had last month but we
didn't have any really cool pictures from Craig to post
http://news.squeak.org/2007/12/29/old-smalltalk-pics-from-parc .  

What's funny is that those pictures are linked from a lot of places and this
month we still had 1545 hits.

We had 10 articles posted in January.

If you would like to volunteer and help write articles for the Weekly Squeak
please let me know.  We could use your help!!


Ron Teitelbaum
Squeak News Team Leader

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