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Failed: OpenSmalltalk/opensmalltalk-vm#1909 (Cog - f5ec3f4)

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Fix type inconsistencies (int vs sqInt) (#464)

* Fix type inconsistencies (int vs sqInt)

Found by trying to compile with LTO enabled.
The VM compiles with the updated types on linux with or without LTO enabled (the LTO VM is not functional).
Didn't test with the OSes but changed the declarations in their files.
Affected functions:
- primInIOProcessEventsFlagAddress
- ioGatherEntropy
- GetAttributeString
- primitivePluginBrowserReady
- primitivePluginDestroyRequest
- primitivePluginRequestFileHandle
- primitivePluginRequestState
- primitivePluginRequestURL
- primitivePluginRequestURLStream
- primitivePluginPostURL

* Include sqMemoryAccess.h to have sqInt defined

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