Few Aida on Swazoo benchmarks, Pharo and VW

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Few Aida on Swazoo benchmarks, Pharo and VW

Janko Mivšek
Hi guys,

Encouraged by recent Philippe's benchmarking I did similar on Aida with
Swazoo web server, adding the comparison of Pharo with VisualWorks.

Results are interesting, Pharo is now only 3x slower than VW on dynamic
page generation but on network layer it is the same or even slighty
faster, while it was around 10x slower on Squeak back in 2008 [1],

Results (requests/s)

1. Dynamically generated 3KB login page  (/admin?view=login)

       VW:  120,  Pharo:   40   ratio: 3x

2. Aida ping with zero size response (/ping.html)

local: VW: 4700,  Pharo: 4500   ratio: 1,04x
lan:   VW: 4500   Pharo: 4600   ratio: 0,97x
inet:  VW: 4000,  Pharo: 3000   ratio: 1,33x

3. Aida ping with 8K response

local: VW: 2600,   Pharo: 3100  ratio: 0,84x
lan:   VW: 1400,   Pharo: 1400  ratio: 1,00x
inet:  VW:  140,   Pharo:  140  ratio: 1,00x

Note: network saturation!


  local: client run on local machine
  lan:   client run on machine over 1Gb/s LAN netwrok
  inet:  client run on machine over 100/10Mb/s internet connection

Test environment

ab (ApacheBech) testing tool

Test machine:
Intel Core i7 860 (2 cores) at 2.80GHz, 8GB RAM
openSuse 11.4 64bit Linux

Pharo 1.3 13320 OneClick (with CogVM)
VisualWorks 7.8
Aida 6.4 (right after installation)

Swazoo patch to allow Keep Alive (ab -k) over HTTP 1.0:

  (self task request isHttp10 and: [self task request isKeepAlive not])
        ifTrue: [self close].

[1] Swazoo vs. Apache Benchmark (2008)

Best regards

Janko Mivšek
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