Few comments on porting metacello to St/X

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Few comments on porting metacello to St/X

Jan Vrany

I've finally managed to find some time to export current
Smalltalk/X port of Metacello to github:


branch smalltalkx

I started with Dale's master branch and while porting,
following issues showed up:

- MCRepository>>flushForScriptGet
- Usage of MetacelloNullRecordingMCSpecLoader
- Missing #project getter in MetacelloAbstractConstructor
- Missing MetacelloAbstractPackageSpec>>versionString
- Missing selector isUnary check in
- Missing class instvar reasonCodeDescriptions in MetacelloVersionValidator
- arguments to ifTrue:ifFalse block:
     - MetacelloProjectRegistry
     - MetacelloProjectRegistration
     - MetacelloScriptExecutor
     - MetacelloProjectSpes

I've fixed/workaround them in Smalltalk/X, fixes are now commited
in github. Now let's see if whole idea behind Cypress & github
really works :-)

Cheers, Jan