FileList and launching via indirect paths...

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FileList and launching via indirect paths...

Eliot Miranda-2
Hi All,

    if one launches an image via a path that includes .., e.g. you're in a directory foo, a sibling of image, and you launch via squeak ../image/myimage.image, then when you open the FileList the current directory won't be selected because the image path is ~me/foo/../image and the FileList includes ~me/image but this doesn't match the image path/current directory, and so isn't selected.

FileUrl includes the code for canonicalizing paths, e.g.

(Url absoluteFromFileNameOrUrlString: '../Squeak5.1/foo') pathForFile '/Users/eliot/Squeak/Squeak5.1/foo'

Anyone see bad consequences if the initialization of the current directory in the FileList were to use the above method?  i.e. does this work on Windows with drive letters and/or drive names?
best, Eliot