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Filename>>chop:to: changes file name

Terry Raymond

I was testing to see how illegal filenames were handled and found

that #chop:to: removes illegal characters when forming a file name.


This is a bad idea. It has the potential to inadvertently change the wrong

file and nobody would have any idea how it happened.


It should raise an exception.


On windows;

‘>test.txt’ asFilename asString

will produce   ‘test.txt’

no exception is raised.


Additionally, on windows 7, using a * or ? in a file name will produce

an exception when the system attempts to create a file.


| strm |

strm := ‘?test.txt’ asFilename writeStream.

strm nextPutAll: ‘stuff’;cr.

strm close.


If you change the ? to a > then the file test.txt will be created.





Terry Raymond

Crafted Smalltalk

80 Lazywood Ln.

Tiverton, RI  02878

(401) 624-4517      [hidden email]



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