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FinderUI methodFinderExplanation explanation errors

Hi everyone,

My first post.

As part of the MethodFinder section, the finder has instructions to print "FinderUI methodFinderExplanation".  After printing it, an explanation of how to use the Finder appears in the Workspace. It has examples that can be highlighted and printed.  One of them is:

"MethodFinder methodFor: { {''29 Apr 1999'' asDate}. ''Thursday''.  
                {''30 Apr 1999'' asDate}. ''Friday'' }.
This will discover the expression (data1 weekday) "

Each item is surrounded by two single quote marks, which gives an error message when printed: "Period or right brace expected ->"

When all the doubled single quotes are changed to single, it works properly.  However, when I tried to change them in the Browser window, that gives an error message:

" MethodFinder methodFor: { { ' End of block expected ->29 Apr 1999' asDate}. 'Thursday'. {'30 Apr 1999' asDate}. 'Friday' }.
This will discover the expression (data1 weekday)."

I'm a novice, but it seems that something isn't right in some place here.  Can someone tell me what's going on?