Fix for broken Lively Worlds

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Fix for broken Lively Worlds

Robert Krahn-4
Hello --

A new version of the Chrome browser that was released last week (and pushed to users via auto-update) leads to a critical bug in Lively:

After you save a Lively world in this new Chrome version and load it again you will get an error similiar to

Error while loading lively.module("Global.anonymous_module_10"): SyntaxError: Unexpected token ;

We fixed this bug in the recent Lively version of Lively (available on and running on However, if you have a local installation and are experiencing this bug then you can go to In there you will find a blue text "fix world".

1. drag the blue text to your bookmark bar 2. load the broken world until it stops with an error 3. Click the "fix world" link in your bookmark bar 4. reload

This will hopefully bring your world back to life.

Sorry for the trouble and please let me know if you need help recovering your data.


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