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Steven R. Baker
Hey all!

Thanks for the help on all of my little issues. I've been plugging away
at FocusFrog, my application for Getting Things Done.  I have pushed the
current code (mostly UI stuff in there just now) to GitLab:

I am not sure how to manage projects, or even how someone goes about
importing this stuff. If anyone of you cares to pull that down and
provide suggestions, I will be more than happy to take them! Currently,
I'm fixing up the view switching when you click the sidebar buttons, and
improving the task item views.

Is there a document somewhere about how you're supposed to publish
things for Pharo? I'd like to make sure this follows the "established
best practices."



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Re: FocusFrog

Sean P. DeNigris
Steven R. Baker wrote
> I am not sure how to manage projects, or even how someone goes about
> importing this stuff.

It looks like you've already grasped package management.

The next level up in project management is Metacello, which let's you
declare the dependency relationships between packages and outside projects.
For git repos, one creates a BaselineOf instead of the old ConfigurationOf.
The difference between a baseline and a config is that the latter needs to
have additional metadata because for example, the config itself could be
hosted anywhere (e.g. in a different repo than the project), and it also
needs to specify which package/dependency versions make up a particular
version of your project. For git, the baseline relies on some assumptions to
eliminate some declarations. For example, the baseline gets committed right
with the rest of the project. Thus, if you have the baseline, you already
know the repo, so that is omitted. Also, since git defines a snapshot of
package versions via a particular commit, so you don't need that additional
version info. ATM, you might still create a ConfigurationOf for integration
with some tools, so for example, your project could appear and be loadable
via the Project Catalog tool. But the configuration would be a thin wrapper
which probably just delegates by declaring a baseline from a particular

Also, it would be good to provide an obvious access point to open the tool.
`FocusFrogMainModel new openWithSpec` is a basic snippet that does the
trick. You might want to document that with a class-side method (if you tag
it with <script> it will be run-able from the code browser UI) and/or make
it available from the World Menu.

Lastly, when I tried to open the tool, I got errors because the icons were
not initialized properly.


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