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FogBugz (Case [Issue]20526) _Inbox - TestGreen icon is wrong color

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Andrew P Black revised a previous entry on Case 20526: TestGreen icon is wrong color:
Bug in Project:  _Inbox: Not Spam  •  You are subscribed to this case
When the Nautilus Browser runs a test, it puts a green icon (`pharo-icon-packs-idea11/icons/testGreen.png`) next to the name of the test. Good idea! But I can't tell the difference between the green icon and the yellow (failing test) icon.

Yes, I'm red-green color-blind, but so are about 25% of males in my ethnic group. The green used elsewhere in the UI is quite distinct from the yellow, but this icon used a bright neon green that is too like the yellow.

The fix: replace the current green (16r80ED64) by the green used in the "thumbs up" icon (16r008A1B). The red icon could also be replaced by the thumbs up red, but that would just be for uniformity, not for utility.

In general, when colors convey information, it's best to use colors that differ in brightness as well as hue. Just switch your screen to
monochrom greyscal e: can you still easily read the required information?
Priority Priority: 5 – Fix If Time Status Status: Work Needed
Assigned To Assigned to: Everyone Milestone Milestone: Later

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