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FreeType fonts

Steve Wart
I managed to get the FreeType fonts package installed in John's latest cobalt image.

It was a bit of a hassle. The SqueakMap gave me a bunch of errors when I loaded the 0.4 FreeType Plus package, and I used the list to copy and paste the offending methods from a Squeak 3.10 image, but it worked. I was actually very impressed that it was able to change fundamental behavior on the various scanner classes without kicking the image out from under me. Kudos to whoever figured out how to make that work!

Now I would like to package my changes back up and publish them to a monticello repository somewhere. I thought I'd be able to just reload the packages and find them in an MC change set.

Any suggestions on how to do this? I probably loaded this up completely incorrectly, but my fonts look better now. They do seem to be a bit fuzzy but I'm not sure if that's the fonts, my monitor or something I did to my eyes in the past hour :)