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Freedom to choose

Bruce Badger
It struck me that it's good to be able to choose whether to join an
LGPL or a BSD licensed project.  We chose.  We chose an LGPL project.
Now, though, some people want to change our LGPL project to be under a
BSD-like license instead.

It seems to me that people who want to work on an Smalltalk HTTP
server under a BSD-like license could join the Comanche project which
is under the MIT license already.  It also seems that I was not the
first to think of this as we see on the Aida project mailing list

(and of course the Comanche project can use Sport for portability too,
if they wish)

So, why not just leave Swazoo as LGPL and if you really want to work
on a BSDesque Smalltalk HTTP server join Comanche (for example)?

That way the people who wish to join an LGPL project can join one and
people who wish to join a BSDesque  project can join one too.  ... and
 nobody is forced to change from one kind of licence to the other.

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