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From Window to Compiler evaluate:

Chris Cunnington
How does the vm pass a string to the compiler in object memory to be

The VM works with the OS so that a window collects a string in UTF-8 or
Unicode and send it to the compiler in the object memory in RAM.

Date today


Compiler evaluate: 'Date today'

I see in MicroSqueak


sends things to the stack. I understand something called 'the stack'
they way understand unicorns.

But is it true to say that the stack is a step on the way to the
compiler in RAM?

memory-->compiler--> Compiler evaluate:-->bytecodes

Then, after bytecodes have been generated, Interpreter>>interpret can do
what it does. The output can make a trip back to the window going back
the way it came.

How accurate or inaccurate is this description?

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