Fwd: Bug fixes for Iliad Web Framework for Pharo 3

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Fwd: Bug fixes for Iliad Web Framework for Pharo 3

Guys I have received the following patch. If anyone has comments
before integration just let me know.


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Date: 2014-05-29 16:10 GMT-03:00
Subject: Bug fixes for Iliad Web Framework for Pharo 3
To: [hidden email]


The "ILFileDirectory>>#adjustPath:" does not work as expected.
Functionality wise, it should work exactly like

Even the source code for both are different, despite having the same


One concern of mine is the jQuery library which is bundled, the
version is too old, and some deprecated functions are used.

jQuery 1.9, which was released at January 15, 2013, has removed the
function jQuery.browser, thus giving errors when used instead of the
one provided by the Iliad Web Framework.

A fix that I propose is

> function initialize() {
>         ie67 = jQuery.browser.msie && parseInt(jQuery.browser.version) < 8;
>         if(ie67) { //...

to this

> function initialize() {
>         ie67 = document.all && !document.querySelector;
>         if(ie67) { //...

The document.querySelector function was not implemented in IE < 8. So
it it safe to say that IE version 8 and above will return false.

document.all is a feature only Internet Explorer supports, and doing
"Boolean(document.all)" in non-IE browsers should return false. I have
only tried it on Safari 7 and Firefox 29.

 This way, the jQuery library can be swapped to use any version.

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