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Mariano Martinez Peck-2
FYI. VAST mentioned...

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Hi guys

Here is a job offer in US.


Smalltalk Programmer/Developer
Hunt Valley, MD 21031 (*Remote)
Start: ASAP
Duration: 6-9 month contract (option to hire, if desired)
The Smalltalk Programmer will develop and/or maintain simple to moderately complex software components of the business application system. Other essential job functions include creating and executing test plans, defining test cases, and establishing test data, and the review of testing results to ensure that the system meets business requirements and design.
· Work on new and existing features for some of Fiserv’s customer-facing platforms.
· Participate in agile software development and code reviews with the team.
· Write testable, well thought-out code.
· Implementation, documentation, and quality assurance of code you help write.
Must haves:
· Extensive working experience in Smalltalk language using IBM Visual Age Smalltalk, Object Studio, Visual Smalltalk and Visual Works Smalltalk.
· Unix background – Unix scripting like Korn shell, AWK.
· Ability to work under heavy load and on parallel projects
· Analytical and conceptual skills.
· Very good team player and ability to work autonomously.
Nice to haves:
· SmallTalk application hosting using JBoss or similar middleware.
· Solid coordination skills.
· Strong personal commitment to meet goals.
· Strong oral and written communication skills.
· Strong leadership skills.
· Very good team player and ability to work autonomously.
Interview process:
Manager reaches out to candidate + 1 Smalltalk contractor included for technical vetting.
F2F may or may not be required (potentially 1 round), not likely for remote.
Best Regards,
Paige Evans Paige Evans | Senior Recruiter
phone 847-879-1292 | text 847-879-1292
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Stéphane Ducasse
03 59 35 87 52
Assistant: Julie Jonas 
FAX 03 59 57 78 50
TEL 03 59 35 86 16
S. Ducasse - Inria
40, avenue Halley, 
Parc Scientifique de la Haute Borne, Bât.A, Park Plaza
Villeneuve d'Ascq 59650

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