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Expéditeur: Dale Henrichs <[hidden email]>
Date: 11 avril 2011 00:54:01 UTC-04:00
Destinataire: "[hidden email]" <[hidden email]>
Objet: [Metacello] [ANN] MetacelloBrowser 1.59.1 ready for feedback
Répondre à: [hidden email]

I've been using the MetacelloBrowser pretty heavily in my day to day development and I feel that it has reached a relatively stable point in terms of reliability and functionality, so now is a good time to get feedback from a wider audience of users.

The MetacelloBrowser pretty much supports the development cycle as described in my blog post[1], with menu items or buttons to support the major operations. For the most part you shouldn't have to open the Monticello Browser when using the Metacello Browser ... if you find you have to use it let us know:). To submit bug reports, visit [2] and set the Product label to Product-Browser.

Please use the 'documentation' menu item in the configuration list to look at the help text for a configuration (Metacello and MetacelloBrowser entries have been customized) and let me know what you think.

The 'Load Configuration' button should let you load a configuration and then you can use the browser to load a specific version.

There are still times when you have to 'browse' a configuration or version to had edit things, but over time I hope that we can build ui's for doing that as well.

Press the 'Help' button to take a look at the Help available and feel free to suggest improvements.

When you load the MetacelloBrowser, you'll get version 1.0-beta.29 of Metacello which is still under development ...there are a number of performance improvements and bugfixes in 1.0-beta.29 along with the Configuration Help System entries so don't forget to open a Help Browser and look at the 'Metacello Configruations' topic (related to the MetacelloBrowser 'documentation' menu item).

To load do the following:

 Gofer new
   squeaksource: 'MetacelloBrowser';
   package: 'ConfigurationOfMetacelloBrowser';


 (ConfigurationOfMetacelloBrowser project version: #stable) load.

then either:

 MetacelloBrowser open.


 MBOBConfigurationBrowser open.

In Pharo, the MetacelloBrowser shows up in the Tools menu.

I expect the MetacelloBrowser to work in:

 - Pharo1.1 and Pharo1.2 (OB or Morphic)
 - Squeak 4.2 (OB)
 - GLASS 1.0-beta.8.7 (OB)

The MetacelloBrowser is still a work in progress, but your feedback now will make it possible for Alexandre and I to focus on the things that need to be addressed before we can announce general availability.


[1] http://gemstonesoup.wordpress.com/#walkthrough
[2] http://code.google.com/p/metacello/issues/entry