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Fwd: MultiCore [response to: partially Squeak based OS]

On Sun, 21 Feb 2021 at 03:51, <[hidden email]> wrote:

>> I responded directly to Liam, but noted a lof of interest on this
>> list..

> Did you? May I ask -- to which address?

   [hidden email]

Following is copy of missive to VM-Dev.

vv-------- Original Message --------vv

Other useful idea mines: L4 microkernel and Genode UI:


https://genode.org/about/index -- multiple concurrent window systems

https://sel4.systems/ -- very fast message based IPC (think multiple VM

Just thinking of making multicore more useful & robust..

I think Aarch64 and particularly RISC-V are more useful starting points,
BTW.  (BeagleV is coming soon.. https://beagleboard.org/beaglev :)


Still research, but Bee Smalltalk looks like an interesting approach for
small binaries done in direct style with no C  (e.g. for multicore
server/interrupt code communicating via fast microkernel messages).

https://github.com/KenDickey/BeeYourself README.md has references to
salient papers & code.  [Just started this; no need to look at the
BeeYourself repo itself].