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Fwd: New CroquetSource Monticello Repository

David Faught
Thanks to Mark McCahill and the other fine folks at the University of
Minnesota, there is a new Monticello repository project for publicly developed
Croquet packages at http://hedgehog.software.umn.edu:8888/PublicContribs.html
.  Its description is:

"A place for Croquet developers to put things. Items here have not
been blessed for inclusion into the main distribution, use at your own
risk. Code placed here must be made available under the Croquet
license, and will be considered for inclusion in the main

By going to the URL above, you will see that it so far contains a
somewhat modified version of Andreas Raab's VRML loader and my
MockTurtle package.  In order to store your own code there, you need
to register as a member at the repository server, and add this
repository project to your Croquet image Monticello Browser repository

See the Help at http://hedgehog.software.umn.edu:8888 for more
information, or send your questions to this list.

P.S.  We are still looking for developers to do further work on the
VRML loader, as well as loaders for other common formats.  I think
someone is probably working on OBJ and BMRT??