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Fwd: [Off topic] BHP Recruitment & Resource Industry Hackathon "Digital Tribes"

Ben Coman
The global resources sector faces $1 trillion of impact in the next 10 years from new technologies.  

On the grapevine I hear that over the next few years BHP are recruiting 2000 people for their Digital Technology Revolution using IoT in the mining/energy/resources industry. "We are doubling our permanent workforce across the globe and have roles based in Australia, Chile (Santiago), Singapore and The United States (Houston)" 

Forbe's rate BHP the world's 168th largest company and BHP seem to want to throw some serious money at innovation.   As part of this BHP is sponsoring an online hackathon "Digital Tribes" 
based out of Perth - my home town.

Applications are open to anyone around the world and will focus on IoT challenges.  Whether you are a student, working full time or joining from anywhere around the world, if you are a "digital native" with hardware and software skills, then this one is for you. 

Challenge 1: Can you enable operational awareness on civil equipment to achieve compliance to our mine plans?

Challenge 2: Can you design a prototype which operates in an ad hoc network suited for distributed safety devices?

So the task is probably going to be something to do with location awareness of personelle around haul packs (look for the people in the photos)

It would be really cool to get some Pharo into the mix of solutions. Regardless of individual team success or even want a job with BHP, Pharo could gain a lot from simple exposure to some of BHP's key innovation decision makers.

This would ideally suit those with Pharo+RaspberryPi+hardware experience (I'm looking at you, robotics guys!) but also (I'm guessing) skills in data science and GPS-like triangulation algorithms.  

The first thing to do is to apply as an individual...
   Registrations: 12 June - 18 June
   Event dates: 30 June - 14 July
BHP will then form the teams to get a broad range of skills in each team. For remote participants they aim to form teams in the same location or time zones.

So I get the feeling that when they mention "digital native" they are looking for youth, maybe students or new graduates (sub-30yrs?) and are looking for the dynamics of how participants work together.   So I think the focus is against existing teams and more on individuals.  There is no harm in anyone registering (we can swarm them with "Pharo" just to make them curious), but particularly encourage your high quality students to apply, and even select a few local non-Pharoers with expertise you might lack. 

I'll hopefully have some more information about the challenges tomorrow.

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Hi Ben, 

If you would like to share Digital Tribes information with your network, you can use the below details.

There is no cost to participate. Participants who register their interest will go through an application and selection process. If successful, every participant receives a Raspberry Pi Zero W, gets assigned a team and $50 to work on their prototypes. Teams have 2 weeks to work at their own pace and the prize is paid engagement with BHP. The competition seeks people with skills in data science, software development and hardware engineering. More information can be found here: http://unearthed.link/digitaltribesperth 

Teams submit their prototype designs and video pitches online.

There is also a free Info Session at CORE next Monday for people to find out more. [I will be attending this session and hopefully can provide additional info after this (if there is of interest) -ben]

cheers -ben

P.S.  I copied in [pharo-dev] to ensure coverage, but please reply just to [pharo-users]. 

P.P.S. Upcoming weekend resource sector hackthons... 
(i.e. I think winners get funded as a startup to further develop prototypes)

21 Jul - 23 Jul 2017

04 Aug - 06 Aug 2017

25 Aug - 27 Aug 2017

15 Sep - 17 Sep 2017

29 Sep - 01 Oct 2017

20 Oct - 22 Oct 2017

27 Oct - 29 Oct 2017

03 Nov - 05 Nov 2017