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Fwd: Problem with this list (Here I go again :p)

nick hemsley
Is there any good technical reason to be doing this?

I always reply straight to the person & then have to go back to cc the list. & reply-all means the person you are emailing gets two copies. I also notice there are some fragmented conversations (because of ppl replying straight back to the person).

Im sure there  is a good reason, but if there's not, it kind of bites at times... 0.02 of course

Congratulations & thanks for hedgehog


On 4/25/06, Brad Fuller <[hidden email]> wrote:
S Collingwood wrote:

> I wrote a response to Giulio's last  post, but as far as I can see,
> he's the only one who got it.
> If you check the address line when you respond, you'll see that it is
> not sent to the list as a whole, it merely responds to the individual
> e-mail.
> I have written the listowner about this, but in the meantime, we can
> just cut-and-paste the address--I think that should work.
> [hidden email]
I believe this list is set up that way on purpose. You have to reply all
to reply to croquet-user.