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Justin Emmanuel
Justin Emmanuel wrote:
> I found out what the problem was (sort of). It is not xorg-x11 r7. It is the
composite enabled options that I put in /etc/X11/xorg.conf. Once I removed
these it all works fine. With this on.
> Opengl will not initialize in Croquet.
> So if anyone asks, that is a short term fix.

That's odd... Linux actually gave you sufficient feedback to solve your

On my machine, simply running "glxinfo" will lock the console hard with
no clues as to what is causing the problem.

Linux sucks.

If you tell a linux advocate that you saw Bigfoot, he'd believe you.
If you tell him that you saw linux crash, he won't.

Man! It appears as though your box is screwed! For me it was a process of
elimination. When set up my box with a new distro, it was working, even
though it was xorg-x11-r7. And trust me there is nothing unusual about OS's
not giving enough info.
Can I take it that you are unable to run any Opengl applications altogether?
And glxgears fails, maybe even freezing your system? Who makes your graphics
card? What distro are you using? What do you mean by 'locks the console
hard'? Is it just X that crashes, or does it bring down your whole OS? Is
there anything in the /var/log/X.... file that you can show us?
Maybe someone might know whats going on with your box. If it is bringing down
your whole box, I would look in the direction of a kernel driver.