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Subject: Re: [vwnc] UserMessage & Localization
Date: Wed, 15 Apr 2015 12:21:30 -0400
From: Mark Pirogovsky [hidden email]
Organization: Still looking for a GOOD one
To: andre [hidden email]

you need to load a Package "Internationalizer" from "Contributed" -- it adds whole bunch of tools which will help you with what ever you need.

My 2c.

-Mark Pirogovsky

andre wrote:
Hi all,

After researching services for crowdsourced or distributed localization (transifex, crowdin, wordbee, onesky, cloudwords, etc), I now wonder how to extract all UserMessages from a Smalltalk image to aggregate them in a PO, XLIFF, Android XML or other format file for upload. 

Has anyone done this before? How would one scan the image for literals and message sends associated with UserMessage in order to collect the key, catalog ID and defaultString ? So, basically this would mean finding all occurrences of the pattern:

	(#messageID << #catalogID >> 'Default String‘) 

and all instances of literal arrays used for canvases (windowSpec). I’m really bad at the pattern search utility, but am guessing this would be the way to go. How would the search expression look like?

Or am I completely missing the obvious?

Thanks in advance for any hints.


(P.S: Sorry for the double post, sender was wrong. Please delete previous message)
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