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Fwd: Squeak on UTF-8 system


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> From: Martin Kuball <[hidden email]>
> Date: March 20, 2006 10:38:03 AM PST
> To: The general-purpose Squeak developers list <squeak-
> [hidden email]>
> Subject: Re: Squeak on UTF-8 system
> Reply-To: The general-purpose Squeak developers list <squeak-
> [hidden email]>
> Am Friday, 17. March 2006 19:51 schrieb Martin Kuball:
>> Am Thursday, 16. March 2006 21:10 schrieb Petr Fischer:
>>>> About 1 and a half year ago I submitted a patch for the unix
>>>> keyboard input handler of the VM to make it utf8 ready.
>>>> Unfortunately it never got  included. Maybe it's time to try
>>>> again.
>>>> Martin
>>> Share it please. Thanks! pf
>> I don't have much time this weekend. But I will try to dig up the
>> stuff and post it here.
> I'm not sure if the patches are still needed. Some previous mails
> suggested that it's possible to make it work by specifing the right
> parameters on the comandline. Well, it does not work for me. So find
> attached to this mail the patches I made over a year ago.
> Unfortunately I wasn't able to test them with a recent VM. I tried
> with the svn version but it failed to compile because of some missing
> methods (like fetchLong32ofObject).
> Martin


John M. McIntosh <[hidden email]> 1-800-477-2659
Corporate Smalltalk Consulting Ltd.  http://www.smalltalkconsulting.com

Makefile.in.patch (644 bytes) Download Attachment
sqUnixMain.c.patch (3K) Download Attachment
sqUnixX11.c.patch (5K) Download Attachment