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Fwd: did I do something wrong?

stéphane ducasse-2
Hi all

Some information about the classBuilder fixes of boris and ken

Begin forwarded message:

> From: "Boris Gaertner" <[hidden email]>
> Date: 8 février 2006 22:41:56 HNEC
> Now let us discuss the bug Mantis 1405:
> The reported problem is that you cannot change a class into a
> variable subclass, which should be possible for classes that do not
> have subclasses andalso for classes whose subclasses are variable
> subclasses. I just convinced myself that this error can be found
> in these versions:
> Squeak 3.7 #5989
> Squeak 3.8 #6665
> Squeak 3.9 alpha #6704
> I think that the fix ClassBuilderCheck-bg[1].4.cs.gz that you find in
> Mantis is still a good proposal. It betters the situation for all  
> three
> above-mentioned versions. Also, the problem analysis that Ken
> put into Mantis is still valid. I never got a review for that  
> analysis -
> obviously it is very special stuff.
> The test is also still ok, but I think I should try to write  
> additional
> tests over the coming weekend.