GS64 3.2.2 and GBS7.6.1 -- debugger issue?

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GS64 3.2.2 and GBS7.6.1 -- debugger issue?

Dennis smith-4
I am just starting to play with GS64 3.2.2 with GBS 7.6.1 (previously
using GS64 3.1  with GBS 7.5.1).

Moslty things seem OK, but if I try and step into a perform: on an
uncached-forwarder, it steps over it ...

     obj gbsAsUncachedForwarder perform: #message

if I omit the perform ...

     obj gbsAsUncachedForwarder message

it steps into it.

Anyone else seeing something like this?? or have I "done" something!

Dennis Smith
Cherniak Software Development Corporation
416.798.7948  x308

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