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[GSoC] Call for students

Janko Mivšek
Dear Students,

Now it is your turn! You will have to register in our website first [1],
put there some information, show interest for the projects and contact
the project mentors. After the registration step you will get all the
mentors information in order to contact them. By pressing the button on
the project, you will show your interest. This is not something formal yet.

Of course you can propose your own project too. In this case write a
proposal in a format other projects have and send it to admins (see the
email on the bottom).

Our mentors will vote for the most interesting projects and in the
middle of the voting Google will tell us, how many projects will
actually be funded. Voting will happen in April, with final results
expected at the end of April. At that time you will finally know if you
are accepted or not.

Of course, there can be many students interested per project. This means
that interest for this project is high, but on the other side a chance
that you will be chosen is lower.  It is up to you to convince a mentor
that you are the best!

Note also that the Ideas page is deprecated. On ideas page just the
project ideas were collected. Now, we are preparing the real projects.
So, please from now on always refer to this link for the projects:


So, the initial steps are:

   1. Register on our special Smalltalk GSoC website (with
      your Google account!):


   2. Edit your profile to get some more contact information for
      mentors to let you know,
   3. Fulfill your brief Biography page (see Biography tab on profile),
   4. Go to Projects page, choose up to three projects and click there
      'I'm interested' button,
   5. Contact and discuss with project mentors about your interest.

Subscribe also to a special mailing list [2] where we will help you with
further steps.

Deadline: as soon as possible, because the deadline to register on
official GSoC website [3] is 6.April, which is, well, soon! But about
that later...

Finally, we will really appreciate if you can help us to distribute this
call for students. One of our goals is to increase the Smalltalk
community. Those who have access to universities can distribute this
among the students.

[1] http://gsoc2012.esug.org
[2] Students mailing list:
[3] Official GSoC website

Good luck!
Janko & Carla

GSoC Admin Team
[hidden email]

Janko Mivšek
Smalltalk Web Application Server
Aida mailing list
[hidden email]