GSoC deadline passed, record number of ideas collected

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GSoC deadline passed, record number of ideas collected

Janko Mivšek-2
Dear Smalltalkers,

Serge and me just submitted the application for the GSoC (see its copy
here:, now let we wait finger
crossed to the Monday 8.April when accepted organizations will be announced.

But we have a good chance thanks to all of you spend a time to prepare
the record number of ideas: 44, which is way over last year 25!

Note also that you can still propose an project idea, there is two more
weeks or so for that, but we need a solid list of ideas at that time for
Google guys to see what we are really capable :)

While idea authors please recheck that your idea is properly put on For any mistake I apologize in advance!

Thanks therefore again to all, now a week and so a rest!

Best regards
Serge and Janko
your GSoC admin team

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