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GSoC: more mentors wanted

Janko Mivšek-2
Dear VA Smalltalkers,

We have quite nice projects, but mentors are still missing:

Look for projects without mentors and if you are interested, register on
the site, go to the project and click Edit in the grayed area and choose
yourself as a mentor. Same goes for the second mentor. Look around for
such projects, offer the main mentor a help and if he agrees, put
yourself on that project.

That way you will influence the projects and therefore the whole
Smalltalk the best possible way!

What's difference between mentor and second mentor? Mentor is
responsible for a project and student through the whole project
lifecycle, while second mentor is officially to replace the main mentor
in a case he cannot be mentor for any reasons anymore, but unofficially
second mentor also helps the main mentor working on the project.

There is only one main and only one second mentor possible.

So please, anyone interested look at the projects and volunteer
for mentorship. By replying to me or Serge, or to the current potential

Best regards

Janko Mivšek
Smalltalk GSoC Admin Team

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