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GSoC next steps

Mariano Martinez Peck
Hi folks. We received several mails asking questions for the next step. So I think it is a good idea to clarify it a bit.

Mentors and students, will have to register in Google GSoC website, but first we want them to be registered in our ESUG GSoC website. Why? Several reasons:

1. We are trying to approach this year GSoC on a more organized way,
2. that's why we are building that special Smalltalk GSoc website,
3. to support you, the students and the projects as best as possible.

We are developing this registration in our website and it was almost finish. We will call for mentors first.

We created a mailing list for all the mentors. If you are mentor, you should be there. If you are not, please contact us.

We had already sent an email to mentors mailing list to invite them to register as mentors in our ESUG GSoC website. If we discover bugs during that period, they will be fixed. Once after all mentors have been successfully registered and the registration process is working correctly, then we will invite students to register also.

After that, students and mentors will be registered in our website, each of them will have each other's contact information, each will have their own page for the project, etc.

Once all of this is done, then mentors and students will register in the Google GSoC webpage. Finally, mentors will vote and choose the projects to be selected. Even more, if there is more than one student for the same project, the mentor will have to choose.


GSoC admin team
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Aida mailing list
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