GemConnect 2.4 release

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GemConnect 2.4 release

Gemstone/S mailing list
Dear GemTalk Customers,

We are pleased to announce the release of GemConnect 2.4, a significant
maintenance release including feature enhancements and fixing a number
of bugs.

Downloads and documentation for this release can be found at the
following URL:

Please contact GemTalk Technical Support if you have any trouble
downloading or upgrading.

As with all GemConnect releases, a GemConnect GCI library that is
specific to both server version and GemConnect version is required.
GemConnect v2.4 includes libraries that are compatible with GemStone/S
64 Bit v3.5.x.  To use GemConnect 2.4 with earlier server versions,
contact GemTalk Technical Support with your specific platform/s and

While GemTalk staff is working remotely due to the developing issues
with COVID-19, this is not unusual for our team, and we don't expect
this to affect our day-to-day work. Our thoughts are with those that are
impacted by this crisis.

thank you,
the GemTalk team
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