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[General] Comment from research.sun.com: Lively

Dan Ingalls
[hidden email] wrote...
>I've been playing on the Lively site after hearing you on Leo Laporte's
>podcast and I've run into a problem on the tutorial. When I try to
>manipulate the objects with my mouse the arrowhead that appears
>consistently moves only about 1/2 inch and then freezes. I am unable to
>select the handles or move the objects. I'm using Safari 3.1 on a Dell
>Inspiron 8600 laptop with a Microsoft optical mouse. Any ideas on what I
>might try?

Hi, Reed -

We haven't observed this problem, but we believe you.  We're planning
to redo the whole tutorial as much more of a web site all in the
Lively Kernel very soon.  Until that time, though...

Can you run the regular (non-tutorial) version of LK at...


or the recent beta...


It will be useful for us to know in either case.  If either of these
works for you, you could read the tutorial as static material, and
try the examples in the live system in another window.

>By the way, I very much enjoyed the interview.
>Reed Carpenter

Thanks, Reed.   It's always fun to talk about this work.  I'm glad
you enjoyed it.

        - Dan, for the crew here.