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Dan Ingalls-5
Folks -

>My next targets are the hairline repaint errors in Canvas mode, and
>getting the Simple-example-objects world to load properly in Canvas
>mode.  If we can get these done and chrome fixed, then I can feel good
>about releasing it.

I fixed both of these last night and committed the changes.  Turned out all the hairline errors in Canvas mode went away when I coerced the damage rectangles to integer coordinates.  The simple objects world just needed some attention to code rot.

It is sooo nice to have things running solidly in Webkit and Safari 4 (thanks, Phil).  The engine turns about 120 rpm (30 frames/sec) with five cylinders now, in both SVG and Canvas.  It all runs in Firefox and Minefield too, but suffers right now from the considerably slower JavaScript.

>HELP:  Can some Windoze dudes (or even Windoze emulator dudes) out
>there please check out Google Chrome, in both SVG and Canvas  modes?  
>Extra credit for reporting any useful information if it doesn't work
>perfectly (this includes, of course,@all ;-). And super-extra
>credit for sending along fixes for any problems discovered.  It ran
>once (at least in SVG), so we can't be too far off.

It would be really nice if one of you workers or lurkers (or maybe a shirker) could dig in a bit and figure out the problem with Google Chrome.  I don't have access to a machine on which to debug this effectively, but it looks very superficial to me.

With that and a bit of documentation and organization, we can package it all up as an official release.

        - Dan