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Dan Ingalls-5
Hey, Workers and Lurkers -

I've just committed Phil's wonderful cure for Webkit (and S4), plus a  
couple of fixes of my own.  The net result is that pretty much the  
entire release runs in Safari 3 and WebKit, and Firefox 3 and  
Minefield, in *both* SVG (index.xhtml) and Canvas (expt.xhtml) modes!  
Of course S3 doesn't show text in canvas, but it still runs.

HELP:  Can some Windoze dudes (or even Windoze emulator dudes) out  
there please check out Google Chrome, in both SVG and Canvas  modes?  
Extra credit for reporting any useful information if it doesn't work  
perfectly (this includes, of course,@all ;-). And super-extra  
credit for sending along fixes for any problems discovered.  It ran  
once (at least in SVG), so we can't be too far off.

My next targets are the hairline repaint errors in Canvas mode, and  
getting the Simple-example-objects world to load properly in Canvas  
mode.  If we can get these done and chrome fixed, then I can feel good  
about releasing it.

        - Dan

PS/HELP:  It could be that this will all run in Opera if we just fix  
up some syntax nits (like comma not allowed after last item in Array  
and Object literals).  I'd be really happy to list Opera among our  
supported browsers if it's not a lot of extra work, and there's  
something to be said for putting our sources into total conformity  
with official JS syntax.