[General] Safari 4 Crashing: A Patch

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[General] Safari 4 Crashing: A Patch

Dan Ingalls-5
Phil, this is a great help!

I'll get something out today after I understand it fully.
There seem to be a number of problems with keyboard
commands as well.  Might be related.

Many thanks.

        - Dan

> The crash is related to the value returned from  
> String.fromCharCode(173). In Lively and in a simple html file:  
> console.log prints nothing visible for the character and  
> window.alert prints a character. This displayed character resembles  
> a minus symbol. I haven't found an ascii table yet which indicates  
> what this is supposed to represent.
> Tracked this down via computeExtents[Config.fontMetricsFromHTML] in  
> Text.js. I attempted to do some detections on the text node and try/
> catch but was unsuccessful. Have not reported anything to Apple -  
> feel free.
> String.fromCharCode = String.fromCharCode.wrap(function(proceed,  
> charCode) {
> var result = proceed(charCode);
> if (charCode == 173) {
> result = '-';
> }
> return result;
> });
> ...
> Actually it might be more cautious to just add special case in  
> computeExtents (html). But I'm sure you all can figure out what's  
> best.
> Phil