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Dan Ingalls-5
Lively Folks -

The last few months have been somewhat of a distraction from the
original goals of the Lively Kernel project, but I'm happy to report
both progress in spite of distraction, and some vision for the future.

First of all, with regard to progress we have just put out a new
release, version 0.9.  Check it out at...


Notable steps forward in 0.9:

Better support for gradients
        compare the new clock and engine

Reasonable compatibility across platforms
        Safari, FireFox, Chrome, latest versions
        See more below regarding Opera and IE

Nearly complete operability using Canvas in place of SVG
        Try it out at...
        Here Lively manages damage rectangles and
        redisplay entirely in JavaScript.  Execute...
          WorldMorph.current().showDamageRectangles = true
        ... to see it in action.  This runs in all the above browsers.

        The Lively Kernel now includes a fairly complete client-side Wiki.
        In other words, worlds c an be saved via WebDAV into an SVN repository
        thus allowing one-click save as well as revert to previous versions.
        This together with a ChangeSet-style workspace offers
        much of the Smalltalk-image style of project development.
        [Requires some setup for the repository]

Media player
        The new VideoMorph allows embedding of players such as
        YouTube and Vimeo in Lively Kernel worlds.  There's an example
        in the sample widgets world.  Can be used to get just sound, too.
        [seems only to work in Safari;  Let us know if you can fix for others]

        We now have a way to embed (multiple) Lively Kernel worlds
        in normal HTML, thus opening the possibility of LK
        serving as an entire Dojo-like widget and viewing frameworlk
        Try, for example...

MIT Open Source Licensing
        The Lively Kernel has been relicensed under an MIT-style license
        for some time now on the developer's repository, but we're happy
        now to have these on the main site.

You can participate...

We are in the process of working out how to sign people up for our
Wiki.  Once that works, it is a great way to show off cool stuff and
publish useful tools as well.  Even better, if you would like to host
a Lively project wiki, write to us or to this list, and we'll tell
you what's involved.

Not long ago, we had everything working in Opera, but that seems to
have regressed.  Anyone care to track down the problem and submit a

We (mostly Robert so far) are working on a project called Chameleon.
We hope to share it very soon and get others involved.

Have you noticed the O3D plugin that bundles V8 and 2D and 3D
renderer?  It shouldn't be hard to port the Canvas version to run in
2D with that plugin, providing possibly interesting performance as
well as a solution for Internet Explorer and any other browsers that
don't support the Lively Kernel.  If you get it working before we do,
you get a bottle of champagne.

We are getting interested in data visualization.  If you take Jens
Linke's Fabrik-like kit visual programming tool, and add a few basic
data views, the Lively kernel starts to be a pretty useful way to
look@data all over the Internet, whether scraped from the screen
or slurped from databases.  And now with the HTML bridge established,
it can all be integrated with mainstream web sites.  Build a new
view.  Build a surprising HTML page.  Play with Fabrik.

Have fun, and don't forget to write!

        - Dan
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