Gofer versus Installer

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Gofer versus Installer

Chris Cunnington-4
"1. adds to Gofer loading from SqueakMap and other
2. then Lukas is kindly asked to rename it to the Installer."

I don't think we can do either of those things:

How do you add work to Gofer? It belongs to Lukas. If we want to use it
'as is', that's fine. Across the Squeak/Pharo divide, we want better
relations, but I think this breaches their autonomy.

Even if he was a Squeaker, I don't think we can ask him to rename it.
Glory is the prize in open source. Adoption brings the glory. It carries
the name to show who accomplished something. We can't adopt it, and then
tell him he's not entitled to that. Shall we fold Aida into another
project and call it Seaside?

We may need only one installer in Squeak and Pharo, but more
importantly, we need clear protocols about the relationship between the
two projects that put mutual autonomy first.

We can work together. But we are not 'all in this together'.