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Good Morning Marshall

Marshall Burke
Investor alert for Tuesday, December 12th!
News Alert!

Company:  Wild Brush Energy
Symbol:  WBRS
Current Price:  $0.046
Short-term target: $0.12

WBRS is engaged in some of the most lucrative gas regions in North
America.  Major discoveries are happening all the time and WBRS is in
the thick of it.

With the array of drilling projects Wild Brush has going on at the moment
tension is building.  As the drilling gets closer to completion insiders are
accumulating ahead of that major discovery announcement.

Word has just begun to leak out that there may soon be a
merger between WBRS and another major energy player with
close ties to the company.  In fact this major player's
stock was up 30% Monday on very strong volume.  WBRS is
showing similar signs this Monday and is looking like there
will be big gains on Tuesday.
Once the merger is announced there will be a rush to get in.  
Play it smart. Take a position BEFORE the {anon} and
ride this one.
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Teenager Michelle Rome can't imagine life without instant messaging. Baby boomer Steve Wilson doesn't care that it even exists.
CHARLESTON, West Virginia (CNN) -- Family members of miners killed by an explosion at the Sago Mine in January say a state report on the tragedy leaves too many questions unanswered, sources said Monday.
PORTLAND, Oregon (AP) -- A San Francisco man who was stranded with his family in the snowy wilderness walked more than 16 miles in search of help before he died -- six more than originally thought, a search official said Saturday.
HOUSTON, Texas (AP)  -- Space shuttle Discovery did a slow back flip Monday so that crew members at the international space station could photograph its belly for any signs of liftoff damage.
MEMPHIS, Tennessee (AP) -- Elizabeth "Lizzie" Bolden, recognized as the world's oldest person, died early Monday, the administrator of the nursing home where she lived said Monday. She was 116.