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Herby Vojčík
Hi all,

Amber was stuck with grunt 0.4 for a long time (that's why there was a
'grunt-cli@0' hack in README instructions).

Now finally, Amber is updated to use grunt 1. This is reflected in new
versions of cli and grunt-init template. So after you update cli and its
dependencies (while bumping grunt cli as well) with

   npm -g install amber-cli grunt-cli

the subsequent `amber init`-created projects will use grunt 1 as the
task runner. To update existing projects, make new one with `amber
init`, copy the devDependencies grunt* part from its package.json to
your project's package.json, and update its Gruntfile.js accordingly
(grunt-execute must have been replaced with grunt-exec, compare the
Gruntfile.js's to see small differences at three different points:
loading, tasks and config).


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