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Gst-browser New Workspace

Thomas Worthington
Well, after hours of trawling through the source code and trying to
trace the messages involved in clicking the "New Workspace" button in an
attempt to find why nothing happens I found the problem.

I didn't have the bottom pane active. Doh! I was expecting a new window
similar to Blox. Oh, well. At least I understand .star files now.

So, in order to prevent this confusion I added the line

outputs isVisible ifFalse: [ outputs showPane ].

to GtkLauncher>>newWorkspaceLabeled:

but now I'm not quite sure what to do with this fix. VisualGst is a
separate github project; should I send it there? Or should I send it
upstream here? Or both?

Thomas Worthington

Sent with my mu4e

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